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Calligraphy Workshops





Group poem challenge with Jean Duncan - 9th February


Decorative Borders and Edging with Kathy Sedar - 9th March

Sometimes our more formal work demands a border to 'hold' the image on the page and add colour and texture to the work. In this workshop we will consider some ancient and modern examples of border work and use the underlying patterns as inspiration for our own designs. We will investigate pen made and drawn borders as frames for our lettering. 


9th Century Carolingian with Gaynor Goffe - 4th May

'This workshop learning/improving/using Carolingian minuscule is suitable for all levels except complete beginners. We will base a contemporary version on a historical model and use the script in the lay-out and design of short texts at different nib sizes. A set of suitable contemporary capitals will also be covered. A brief try at a few versals  (Carolingian period capitals ) may be covered time permitting').


Bird flourishes - with David Simons - 8th June


Sort out your Italic - with Joy Daniels - 5th October

A friendly workshop looking at the Italic Script. Most people have tried Italic at some point in their calligraphy journey but it’s always good to revisit it and try to improve. If you’re a little dissatisfied with your attempts or just want to have a bit of help getting back on track - do come along to the workshop and have an Italic MOT!


Marbling with Louise Brockman - 9th November

Louise will demonstrate the methods required to make marbled paper using a caragheenan size and gouache paints.  The basics of how to set up the materials and equipment will be covered, along with a range of basic patterns that build upon each other that can then be used to design your own patterns.  The course will be taught using a mix of demonstration and hands on practice time.  Please wear old clothes (avoiding anything too fluffy) and bring an apron.



If you are interested in attending one or more of these workshops please contact Joanna Edmunds, workshop members booking secretary. joannamedmunds@gmail.com. A booking form can be downloaded here.

Normally a deposit of £10.00 is required to secure a place.The workshops take place at Moulton College Management Centre between 10 am and 4 pm. The workshop fees are £25.00 for members and £30.00 for non members.

If you think you would like to become a member of Northampton Scribes please contact Brenda Mawby, membership secretary, brendamawby7@gmail.com. The membership fee is currently £12.00 a year.