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Calligraphy Workshops






Gilding Two with Kathy Sedar - 3rd February

This is a very ambitious workshop and will need us all to be on our toes or at least comfortably seated and ready for a very busy day. It may not be possible to finish the task during the workshop, but you should end the day with enough experience and knowledge to complete your miniature. I will bring some images from Bestiaries for you to practice your skills upon; and also a kit of parts to help you on your way. You will be flat gilding your miniature, there simply isn't enough time in one day to attempt raised gilding - although you may want to take the idea further in your own time. The kit-list is quite extensive, largely because you need good quality equipment and materials to produce a good quality result. Many of you took part in the Decorated letter workshop last year and it would be a great help if you could bring along the 'bole' tracing paper that we made on that day.


Monograms with Tim Noad - 10th March

Monograms combine two or more initials in a decorative combination. There are many variations on the styles of lettering and decoration that may be used. In the workshop we will discuss the layout and use of monograms and look at some historical and contemporary examples. The practical session will involve ideas for the design of a monogram and presenting it as a simple illumination, using gilded letters on gouache or coloured paper.


Embossing with Pzazz - 12th May

Embossing surfaces cast a subtle shadows, giving an appearance of quality wherever used. We combine this with some colour also extra cutting, creating unique ‘built up’ designs, with extra pzazz.


Abstract Designs & large letters using flat brush with Rachel Yallop - 9th June

This workshop will concentrate on using a limited palate of black and white with an accent or two of striking red to make the design come alive. We will use a flat brush, gouache, compressed charcoal, pastel and eraser to create a series of stunning designs. This workshop will include:


AGM and half day workshop - 22nd September

Your attendance at the AGM would be much appreciated by those of us who have endeavoured to run the workshops and organise exhibitions for Scribes every year. Your committee, sadly, does not get any younger as the years progress and we would really welcome the contributions of newer members to Scribes to enrich what we can offer our members.


Copperplate with Joy Daniels - 6th October

The day will cover the basics of writing with a flexible pointed nib in the Copperplate style. The workshop can accommodate both the complete beginner and those with some experience. You will be taken step by step through the different ‘shapes’ which make up the letters of the alphabet. By the end of the day you will feel more confident using the pointed nib and then be able to practice at home.


Asian influence follow on with Manny Ling - 24th November

Manny has not given his workshop description yet but I believe it will be a continuation of the workshop he did with us in 2017. This may, I believe, be looking at text which could be added to abstract shapes such as we made last time. Hopefully people who didn’t attend that session will still benefit from this workshop.




If you are interested in attending one or more of these workshops please contact Joanna Edmunds, workshop members booking secretary. joannamedmunds@gmail.com. A booking form can be downloaded here.

Normally a deposit of £5.00 is required to secure a place.The workshops take place at Moulton College Management Centre between 10 am and 4 pm. The workshop fees are £22.00 for members and £28.00 for non members.

If you think you would like to become a member of Northampton Scribes please contact Brenda Mawby, membership secretary, jandb.mawby@virgin.net. The membership fee is currently £12.00 a year.