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Calligraphy Workshops - all workshops suspended due to Pandemic

we will update the website as and when we can recommence





Northampton Scribes Saturday Workshops 2020 to rearrange

February 22nd, NICOLA DUNN – Blackletter

Blackletter is not the height of fashion at the moment and yes, it needs to be used for the right subject matter, but I've always loved its regularity and texture and it does not have to be heavy or rigid. It has quite a few variants, but we will concentrate on Gothic Textura, the most regular of the forms, to learn the rhythm and we can consider a choice of capitals - Gothic or Versal, to go with it. It's a good hand for beginners too.


March 14th, RACHEL YALLOP – Ruling Pen techniques

The ruling pen is a very versatile tool not least because it comes in more than one form; the folded, the pointed and the cola pen. Even then, there are different shapes within these groups which affect the marks made. In the class we will look at the various tools and experiment with the variety of marks they can make.


May 9th, JAN PICKETT – Half-uncials with Celtic charisma

We take an in-depth look at this elegant style, full of Celtic charisma comprising a curious mixture of capital and minuscule letter forms. Make your lettering come alive with the magical Celtic ingredients of both traditional and contemporary decoration.


June 6th, DAVID SIMONS – Say it in Styles

The workshop will be an introduction to the limitless possibilities of ‘hand lettering’, a form of drawing to create decorative letters, experiment and have fun. Learn how to create styles of lettering to convey the message of your words. Don’t worry about perfection! The beauty is in the imperfection of hand lettering. This informal and playful style of writing can be used for the popular trends of chalk boards and journaling, as well as greetings cards, quotations and invitations.


AGM, September 19th 2020 + half day workshop


October 24th, JOY DANIELS – Pointed Pen and Floral patterns


In this workshop we will explore the versatility of the flexible pointed nib for pattern making and floral designs. This technique can be used very effectively for card-making as well as an enhancement to your calligraphic pieces.


November 28th, ANN MASON – Creative capitals

This workshop aims to help students to create their own unique drawn capitals. We will look at a selection of letterforms to see how they are constructed with a view to designing our own.




If you are interested in attending one or more of these workshops please contact Joanna Edmunds, workshop members booking secretary. joannamedmunds@gmail.com. A booking form can be downloaded here.

Normally a deposit of £10.00 is required to secure a place.The workshops take place at Moulton College Management Centre between 10 am and 4 pm. The workshop fees are £25.00 for members and £30.00 for non members.

If you think you would like to become a member of Northampton Scribes please contact Chris Carr, membership secretary, chris@jcdmail.com. The membership fee is currently £12.00 a year.